Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a Lapidary Club member at any time?
Yes, come join us!  The Lapidary Club is open to all Rossmoor residents and accepts memberships throughout the year.  Membership is $15 per year.  

What activities are covered within the Lapidary Club?
The Lapidary Club consists of artistic work with glass, stones, gems, beading, and metal.

Will the Lapidary Club teach me how to make…?  If not how do I learn to make…?
The Club provides a few classes each year. Classes usually cover an overview and some basic concepts and skills. There are several local sources for additional or specialized training. Learn more at our classes page.  

Can members work in the studio at any time?
Members are welcome to work in the studio during its regularly scheduled hours 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Are there people in the studio who can provide assistance?
A Lapidary Supervisor is present any time the Studio is open. Supervisors are responsible for opening and closing the Studio and the various locked cabinets within the Studio. They answer questions, introduce prospective members to the Lapidary Club, and sign up new members. Supervisors also show and sell displayed items to customers.

Can members use the kilns and other equipment in the lapidary studio?
Powered equipment such as kilns, saws, grinders, polishers, and drills can be used by members after an experienced lapidary member has verified their competency.  See more at our Club Rules.

What tools are available for members in the studio?
Members can use club tools while working in the studio.  However, members generally purchase additional tools either for specific purposes/disciplines or because of personal preference.

Who provides supplies for Lapidary Club members?
Club members buy their own project supplies.  Learn more at our suppliers page.

Can members store equipment and supplies in the studio?
When available, various sizes of studio lockers are available for rent.  The rental fees are $5 and $10 per year depending upon the size. Supervisors are available to assign and rent lockers.

Does the Lapidary Club sell items made by members?
Yes, the Lapidary studio is a great and convenient place to purchase gifts for all occasions.  Items displayed in the studio window and in the glass cases within the studio are all for sale.  Additionally, the studio holds public sales several times per year.

Does the Lapidary Club repair jewelry?
There are some Club members who do repair jewelry. Any arrangements are made directly with the artist who agrees to do the repair.  Any payments for repairs are at the discretion on the “repairer”. The Lapidary Club is not responsible for or involved in repairs.

How many members are in the Lapidary Club?
As of the end of 2019 the Lapidary Club has approximately 172 members.

Does the Lapidary Club have a Board of Directors?
Yes, the Lapidary Club is governed by elected and appointed Directors.  Learn more at our About page.  

What social activities are held by the Lapidary Club?
The Lapidary Club holds several social gatherings per year. In addition to potluck dinners, we have a BBQ in the summer and a holiday party in December.  Events are listed on our calendar